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Beautiful white smile 

you can have beautiful white smile gdansk

A beautiful white smile is not only a sign of healthy, aesthetic teeth but is it also very important in the psychological aspect. People with beautiful, white teeth are more confident and feel more comfortable in their interpersonal relationships. Moreover, they are more successful in different areas of life than people who have ,,less attractive teeth”.

The clinic has a great choice of making a white smile, both in terms of the method and the budget.

Beautiful white smile you can achieve by :

1. Porcelain veneers

2. Implants ( single implant with crown, bridge on implants, full arch bridge with implants )

3. Scaling and sandblasting

4. Whitening : laser whitening, overlay whitening, teeth whitening with the lamp ( BEYOND ) + overlays

5. Fillings ( inlay, onlay ) : composite, all-ceramic

6. Crowns : porcelain ( without metal ), crown restoration on fiberglass post

7. Bridges : porcelain ( on own teeth ), porcelain complement adhesive cement


different dental solutions applied in Gdansk


1. Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers applied in dentistry in Gdansk


Porcelain veneers are thin porcelain flakes that the dentist sticks to properly prepared teeth. They mask the imperfections of the teeth, allowing for the cover of fillings, discolorations, enlargement, elongation, change of shape of the teeth. By applying them, the patient does not have to take long-term treatment and can give the teeth dream look.

2. Dental implant 

Dental implant-Gdansk, Poland







Dental implant is equivalent to root tooth, a pillar for prosthetic restoration (single crown). Implants may also be anchored to (bridge or full arch bridge) when reconstruction of greater dental deficiencies or total toothlessness is required. Prosthetic restorations on implants will allow you to achieve a beautiful white smile. In addition, they are permanently embedded and can serve you for the rest of your life.

3. Scaling and sandblasting

Scaling and sandblasting-Gdansk, Poland

Scaling is a method that removes scale. The procedure is performed with ultrasounds, which produce high-frequency oscillations and thus crush scale.

Sandblasting is applied as a supplement to scaling. This treatment helps remove leftovers of scale from difficult to reach places. Teeth are cleaned with a special dental sandblaster, which under pressure with the right amount of water sprays a fine powder on the teeth.

4. Whitening

Whitening in dental clinic Gdansk

Gum protection in the laser whitening method

Laser whitening – After protecting the gum with a special gel and applying whitening preparation on the teeth, the teeth are exposed to a special beam of safe laser light, resulting in whitening.

Overlay whitening – The patient gets home a set of individually made overlays and a special gel. The overlays are put on overnight and the gel is pre-applied. This method of whitening lasts from 5 days to 2 weeks. The effect persists for several years.

Teeth whitening with the lamp (BEYOND) + overlays – this is one-time treatment and consists in applying a special whitening gel to the surface of the teeth, which is activated by the BEYOND lamp emitting so-called „cold light”. It is completely safe for the patient. After this procedure, you get the overlays, used at home.

5. Fillings ( inlay, onlay )

Fillings ( inlay, onlay ) dental treatment Poland Gdansk (onlay) prepared in the lab

The composite filling (inlay, onlay) – is an excellent alternative to traditional fillings, differ in technique. Traditional seals are superimposed and harden in layers, while inlay and onlay are prepared in the prosthetics laboratory on the basis of the imprints and then ”glued” in place of the missing tissue. They enable accurate reconstruction of the anatomical shape of the tooth. The advantage is durability and abrasion resistance, and the reconstructed tooth looks very natural.

All-ceramic filling (inlay, onlay) – works in the same way as a composite (inlay, onlay), but instead of composite, a full-ceramic filling is applied. They are excellent in terms of aesthetics and also very durable.

6. Crowns

Dental crowns Gdansk professional dentistryPorcelain crowns ( without metal )

Porcelain crown (without metal) – is usually placed on a healthy, specially prepared and reduced tooth, implant or bridge. The porcelain crown on the zirconium oxide is the most advanced type of crown. It doesn’t have a metal base as other types of crowns, thus there is no risk of allergy. This type of crown gives excellent cosmetic effect and good mechanical strength. In addition, the porcelain crown on zirconium oxide provides superb marginal tightness and does not adversely affect the surrounding tissue.

The composite restoration of tooth crown on fiberglass – from the patient’s point of view, this procedure does not differ from the insertion of an usual seal. The difference lies deeper; the much weakened tooth needs an additional support to be filled. The crown of the tooth is rebuilt with a composite material. Most often this type of tooth restoration is used after root canal treatment.

7. Bridges

Dental bridges Poland GdanskPorcelain bridge ( on own teeth )

The porcelain bridge (on own teeth) is permanently anchored and the bridge pillars are natural teeth, previously prepared. The crown replacing the missing tooth is called the span and is joined to two porcelain crowns on the pillar teeth.

The porcelain complement adhesive cement – in place of the missing tooth, the dentist inserts a porcelain restoration that is joined to adjacent teeth by adhesive. The adhesive method avoids the sawing of adjacent teeth and the complement is adhered to the nearby teeth by a composite resin and special wings made of different substances. This is a minimally invasive method and can serve as a permanent or temporary solution.

1. Advantages of a beautiful white smile 

  • confidence
  • better mood
  • greater comfort in interpersonal relationships
  • no feeling of discomfort
  • it is a sign of health and affect the aesthetics of the face
  • people with white teeth are seen as younger, prettier, more attractive
  • easier to find a job
  • well-maintained, healthy teeth are not just a matter of appearance but also a general health
  • increase social status
  • helps to achieve more success in different areas of life
  • it is your best business card
  • you are a great example to follow for others

2. How to achieve cinema effect of teeth?

For example by veneers. Veneers are porcelain flakes that cover natural teeth to improve your smile. They can improve the shape and too dark color, cover cracks and dents, extend too short teeth or mask diastema. The super effect depends mainly on matching veneers to facial features. Veneers can only be placed on cured teeth. You cannot have veneers if you have tooth decay on your teeth. Porcelain veneers are carried for life. Porcelain truly imitates natural teeth, does not discolor and does not absorb the dyes from food.

3. Can white smile may be made even if the patient’s situation in the dentition is hopeless ?

Yes, please remember that a white smile can be made not only by whitening your teeth but also by restoration (e.g. implants) in the absence of teeth. A large selection of treatments allows you to ,,fix” all the serious cases.

4. Why do teeth affect the general health ?

Because through changes in the oral cavity, pathogenic bacteria can get into the bloodstream and then into the organs. Bacteria can become a cause of the disease. Such a condition is called systemic infection. Keep in mind that teeth with the oral cavity are the beginning of the digestive system. That is why it is so important to have healthy and well-maintained teeth.

5. Will whitening weaken my teeth ?

Whitening is safe and effective which is proven. Most whitening methods are based on the same whitening agents. Using too many whitening products can harm you. The excessive or intense whitening can weaken the enamel.

6. Are there any contraindications to whitening ?

Yes, should resign: pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, patients with epilepsy or Parkinson’s disease. Decays, inflammation of the gums, diabetes, numerous fillings and amalgam fillings, too much hypersensitivity of the teeth, allergies to the ingredients of the preparation are also an obstacle in teeth whitening. The teeth’s whitening is allowed when you are older than 16 years.

7. How long does the whitening effect last ?

The whitening effect lasts from about half a year to two-three years – it depends on food habits, a degree of oral hygiene and personal conditioning. After this period the procedure can be repeated.


Advantages of a beautiful white smile Beautiful smile


cinema effect of teeth, dental care Poland Gdansk Rob Lowe



Whitening result, achieve a white teeth in dental clinic Gdansk Before / after whitening



White teeth, Polish dentistry one of the best in Europe, Gdansk treatmentWhite teeth


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