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    The professional dental clinic was founded by a family, whose roots and traditions date back to the seventies of the last century. The clinic performs all dental services, attaching great importance to the quality of the services, which is confirmed by the ISO Certificate (International Organization for Standardization). Treatment costs are lower by 40-70% or more than in the most developed countries in the world. All doctors working in the clinic are constantly learning and improving their skills to provide Patients with a range of modern treatments. The clinic cooperated with Dentifly is located: st. Antoniego Słonimskiego 1/65 Garnizon, Gdansk.

    Characterizes the clinic :

    High quality of dental service in gdansk

    • High quality of service + modern techniques
    • Qualified staff with many years of experience
    • Modern equipment prosthetic – dental

    ISO Certificate of a dental clinic in GdanskISO Certificate

    dental consultation in gdanskTake care of your teeth with our help

    Healthy and beautiful teeth

    Healthy and beautiful teeth are not just a business card, but also the comfort of everyday life and the impact on your general health. We are aware of the cost of dental treatment in many countries, so the approach to the patient is individual and offer different treatment options depending on the patient’s situation.

    Examples of dental options :

    Total reconstruction of the tooth allows fully reproduce the natural tooth.
    All-on-4 Dental implants allow for the restoration of the total toothless upper jaw or lower jaw and is permanently attached.
    All-on-6 Dental implants work on the same principle as All-on-4, but instead of the four implants, six dental implants are attached.
    Full ceramic crown on zirconium oxide is total biocompatible with the human body, exhibit the optical properties of natural teeth.
    The porcelain crown (cobalt-chromium alloy) = high aesthetics because of porcelain and high durability because of metal.
    Root canal treatment allows you to keep your own teeth, even those badly damaged by caries, performed under anesthesia.

    See examples

    Total reconstruction of the tooth in gdansk
    All-on-4 Dental implants in gdansk
    All-on-6 Dental implants in gdansk
    Full ceramic crown on zirconium oxide in gdansk
    The porcelain crown (cobalt-chromium alloy) gdansk
    Root canal treatment allows you to keep your own teeth, gdansk

              Prices in the clinicDentifly-dental treatment in Gdansk Dental treatment in PolandDental treatment       Poland-Gdansk  

    Average prices in the worldAverage prices of dental treatment in the world
    • Europe
    • North America
    • Australia
    • Other regions
     Total reconstruction of the tooth :   (dental implant + abutment + crown)  Total reconstruction of the tooth:   (dental implant + abutment + crown)
  • about 1464 EUR flag of the European Union
  • about 1276 GBPGreat Britain flag
  • about 1550 USDUSA flag
  • up to 6600 PLN Polish flag
  • 2950 EUR     the average price of dental treatment in the world in euro currency
  • 2360 GBP    the average price of dental treatment in the world in British pound currency
  • 3570 USD    The average price of dental treatment in the world in US dollar currency
  •  Beam + overdenture ANKYLOS/STRAUMANN  All-on-4 Dental implants supported     fixed bridge (with the surgical part)
  • about 5550 EURunion flag
  • about 4835 GBP flag of Great Britain
  • about 5860 USDAmerica flag
  • about 25 000 PLNPoland -flag
  • 14 360 EUR  The average price of All-on-4 dental implants in the world in euros
  • 11 480 GBP  All-on-4 implants in pounds
  • 17 360 USD  All-on-4 implants in dollars
  •  Bolt on full circle bridge +  titanium beam  All-on-6 Dental implants supported     fixed bridge (with the surgical part)
  • about 6600-8881 EUR euro
  • about 5802-7737 GBP British Pounds
  • about 7032-9377 USDAmerican dollars
  • about 30 000 – 40000 PLN Polish zloty
  • 20 160 EUR  EUR
  • 16 120 GBP   GBP
  • 24 380 USD USD
  • Full ceramic crown on zirconium oxide Full ceramic crown on zirconium oxide
  • about 510 EUR     Europe treatment
  • about 444 GBP     Great Britain Flag
  • about 540 USD     North America, USA
  • about 2300 PLN    Poland in Europe
  • 1190 EUR    stars on the union flag
  • 950 GBP    beautiful British flag
  • 1440 USD  beautiful US flag
  • Zirro monolithic zirconia crown Porcelain crown (cobalt – chromium alloy)
  • about 450 EUR       treatment converted into currency euro
  • about 390 GBP      treatment converted into British pounds
  • about 470 USD      treatment converted to US dollars
  • about 2000 PLN      treatment converted into Polish zlotys
  • 940 EUR    average price in the world in euro currency
  • 750 GBP    average price in the world in British pounds currency
  • 1130 USD   average price in the world in Dollars
  • Root canal treatment Root canal treatment
  • up to 220-400 EUR     price for root canal treatment in euro currency
  • up to 195-350 GBP       price for root canal treatment in British pounds
  • up to 235-420 USD     price for root canal treatment in Dollars
  • 1000 – 1800 PLN  price for root canal treatment in Polish zlotys
  • Reendo – individual price
  • 610 EUR    average price in the world for root canal treatment in euro
  • 490 GBP   average price in the world for root canal treatment in pounds
  • 740 USD   average price in the world for root canal treatment in dollars
  • Presented prices are approximate, each case is individual and sometimes additional treatment is needed. Final valuation at the first dental visit.

    Dental implant

    The dental implant is the titanium screw that is intended to replace the root of the tooth and is inserted into the bone of the jaw. The abutment and dental crown (the only visible part) are attached to the implant. The dental implant is also called implant post.

      Bridge on implants

    The bridge on implants is an alternative for severe dental deficiencies if three or more teeth missing are next to each other. The bridge is a fixed complement that needs at least two pillars (dental implants) to hold a bridge, several connected crowns.

    Recommended implant system ANKYLOS – German technology of Dentsply Implants

    Recommended implant system ANKYLOS

    ANKYLOS TissueCare Concept

    Scientifically and clinically proven for maintaining hard and soft tissue over time, the ANKYLOS TissueCare concept is the combination of four unique features of the ANKYLOS implant system.

    Soft Tissue Chamber™

    The horizontal offset and the narrow abutment designs create a chamber for soft tissue and bone supporting tissue stability.

    FRIADENT® plus surface

    The grit-blasted and high temperature etched surface allows for early osseointegration and high bone-to implant contact.

    One-fits-all TissueCare connection

    All abutment sizes share one tapered connection simplifying the treatment protocol.

    Progressive Thread

    The thread design transfers the functional load to the apical part of the implant and creates primary stability allowing for immediate loading.


    Dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska, dentysta w gdańsku

    Dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Gdańsk in 2000. A Graduate of Implantology Curriculum at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt.  Member of the Polish Implantology Association. Since the beginning of her professional career she has participated in courses, trainings and symposia in Poland and abroad. Dr Ewa constantly improving her qualifications. What is more she specializes in prosthetic and implant treatment. Her passion is aesthetic dentistry and the design of a smile.

    Currently, she is also focused on patients with disorders and dysfunctions of the temporomandibular joint and therefore she is taking part in trainings regarding these issues.

    Dr Urszula Odya –  holds a second degree specialization in prosthetics, she has been working in the profession for several decades. For many years participated in trainings, specialized courses and symposia. At present, she is a leader of dental practices.

    Dr Urszula founded the clinic and she is still the essential part of the company, long experience is sharing with younger dentists in the clinic.

    Dr Urszula Odya, founded the dental clinic in gdansk

    Dorota Cudnik


    Adrian Przewoski


    Angelika Bastuba-Baginska

    Dentist, Specialist in Surgery

    Marcin Gruba


    Julia Gebel


    Specialist in maxillofacial surgery in Gdansk, Piotr ChomikPiotr Chomik

    Specialist in maxillofacial surgery

    Dr. Piotr Chomik graduated with honors the medical and dentistry faculty at the Medical Academy in Gdańsk. He is the author of numerous scientific publications on rare oral diseases. He is mainly interested in the surgical treatment of malocclusion, reconstructive surgery within the facial part of the skull using microsurgical techniques and treatment of injuries to the facial part of the skull. Lecturer at numerous domestic and foreign congresses and courses.

    Canal treatment in Gdansk, Dr. Ewa uses microscope technology

    Dr Ewa Odya-Bojanowska uses microscope technology for canal treatment

    Dental treatment in Gdansk, Dentist Dorota Cudnik treats the patient's teethDentist Dorota Cudnik treats the patient’s teeth with the help of the assistant

     Why travel to Gdansk for dental treatment to this clinic

    • Flight directions to Gdansk from many European airports
    • Free transport from the airport to the hotel or directly to the clinic at the first visit (if you wish)
    • Hotel at the cheaper rate for the patients (if you wish), located near the clinic
    • Quality of services on the highest level (confirmed by ISO Certificate)
    • Qualified staff with many years of experience (confirmed by their certificates)
    • Modern equipment applied in the clinic
    • Lower prices by about 40-70% than in your country
    • Guarantees provided
    • The opportunity to visit the historic city of Gdansk

    Location of the clinic


    • The clinic is located 10 km from the Airport
    • The hotel recommended by us is 0,5 km away from the clinic
    • 7 km to the Old town of Gdansk from the clinic or hotel
    • There is also nearby shopping center ,,Galeria Baltycka”
    • Good transport connections to the cities : Sopot and Gdynia
    • Rest area, restaurants and many additional services within easy reach

    Provided free transport from the Airport to the hotel/clinic at the first visit (if you wish).

    The possibility to get to the clinic from the Airport by taxi or train which are located near the Airport (the train stop where you need to get off is 1 km from the clinic).

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